Too cute not to share.

Vintage embroidery transfers in the public domain.

Not really part of my normal content here, but this is a publisher I really like, both for their books and for how they compensate their contributors.


I need a little break from the pattern posting to get the next batch copied and scanned in, so I’ll be on hiatus for a while as I get around to that.  I still have lots of good patterns to come!

And a tulip.  At least this one doesn’t have a bunch of lazy daisy stitches like most of the floral motifs.
Flower buds this time.  Getting edgy, aren’t we?

Flower buds this time.  Getting edgy, aren’t we?

Guess what?  More flowers!
more flowers
Oh look, more flowers in a basket!  
Flowers in a basket.  I’ve posted several of these already, but here’s another!
A wreath of flowers
Some people like their ducks all in a row, some people like their flowers all in a row